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With more than 41 years’ experience in the foreign exchange industry, 31 years of which in Compliance, a team of experienced, and likeminded individuals could see that there were a large number of businesses struggling with AML/CTF compliance. With their knowledge and passion for the subject matter, they decided to form a company that could help these businesses.


Our in-depth knowledge of the Money Service Business (MSB) sector provides good insight into the health of a business; it also affords us the unique understanding of the pitfalls and loopholes that MSBs exploit, both to a negative and positive outcome.


JRBN Consulting has a clear business strategy; help businesses, no matter how small or large, to ensure they are compliant with relevant legislation and to make that process as easy and as cost effective as possible with no hidden charges and no jargon; just transparency and plain and simple English.



Ridvan Bozacigurbuz

Phone:0779 256 1101

E-mail: ridvan@jrbn.co.uk

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Johanna MacCormick

Phone: 07973 217218

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