JRBN Audits of AML/CTF Systems, Policies & Procedures

Sometimes businesses just need assurance that they are on the right legal track with their AML/CTF systems and processes. Other times, you may have had a request from your bank, or wholesaler requesting an external audit of your AML/CTF Policies and procedures.  Or you own/manage or responsible for a client who falls under the Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) and want to ensure that your client is compliant with current legislation.


A member of the JRBN Team will visit your business, or your client at a time convenient to you/them. A member of the JRBN team will then undertake an Audit of the current working practices and analyse your risk assessments and the AML/CTF procedures you have in place and alert you to deficiencies, if any. As part of the Audit JRBN Consulting will:


Undertake an in-depth and comprehensive audit of Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) Policies, Procedures and Controls detailing those procedures and practices including observations on their Risk Assessment, including the following:

  • Review established AML/CTF policies and procedures and benchmarking against UK and EU legislation (this includes reviewing the AML/CTF manual, risk assessment, training programs, transaction/risk monitoring, EDD programs, PEPs and Sanctions protocols etc.)
  • Determining staff awareness and adoption of the company’s AML/CTF procedures
  • Review segregation of duties
  • Review client databases and sample checking transactions for application of internal processes
  • Review account opening/large transaction forms and requirements
  • Review internal audit arrangements
  • Review Data Protection protocols
  • Review internal and external communications
  • Review Governance arrangements including structure, direction and accountability

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